Privacy Policy

  1. This site offers a daily newsletter focusing on free software, free software events and courses. To subscribe to this list, visitors are requested to supply their email addresses. Our system will then send a message to the address supplied, containing instructions on how to make the subscription effective, in order to make sure that the subscription is in fact made by the person interested. To confirm the subscription, a link is supplied. Upon clicking on the link, the subscription will then be made effective.
  2. The unsubscription process is much simpler and no confirmation is required. All that is needed is to supply the email address and the unsubscription will be effective immediately.
  3. The email addresses will, under no circunstance, be sold, rented or otherwise supplied to third parties.
  4. The instructions for unsubscription are sent daily and can also be found at a page, which contains all the information needed to unsubscribe from the mailing list. These instructions are also sent daily on the newsletter itself. People who write directly to the maintainer of the newsletter, receive the instructions on how to unsubscribe by email.
  5. In certain cases, the messages are redistributed by means of others lists, which retransmit the contents broadcast from this site. Should this be the case, a sample message containg the complete headers, should be sent to the maintainer of the newsletter, Rubens Queiroz de Almeida.
  6. For purposes of traffic analysis, we generate daily reports, using the software Webalizer. These reports in no way identify the user or supply any information which might lead to a positive identification of any visitor. These reports are open and freely available to anyone who might be interested in analyzing the data. Webalizer uses the log data generated by the webserver, Apache version 2. This site is also a participant of the Google Analytics program, which provides tools to better understand website traffic and user patterns, without identifying its visitors.
  7. Any other requests or doubts should be addressed to the maintainer of the newsletter and this website, Rubens Queiroz de Almeida.